There’s no shortage of remodeling advice in the world. However, how do you know what’s true and what’s false?
Well, as professionals, we’re happy to provide some insight that may prove helpful.
Today, we will discuss the top 4 remodeling myths that we hear on a regular basis.

1. You’ll save money if you do it yourself  

We’ve all heard this one before.

Realistically, there are a LOT of items to consider to determine if you will or will not save money by making your project a DIY.
How much are the proper tools to complete this task? How much money would it cost to repair the damages if this project goes wrong? How likely is it that I can be injured performing this job?
We always here about DIYs gone right and how much money is saved in the process, but why are we so quick to forget about DIYs gone wrong?

2. The better price is the better deal 

This is often incorrect for many reasons.

One reason is, on bigger projects, there can often be changes in scope based on different contractor suggestions or perhaps information that was communicated to one contractor but not another. This can lead to contractors having slightly different plans for your project that may result in an increase or decrease in price.
Another reason is, if your contractor creates estimates with materials included, there may be significant differences in the material allowances. For example, if Contractor A sends an estimate of $30,000 with a material allowance budget of $10,000, while Contractor B sends an estimate of $25,000 with a material allowance of $3,000, Contractor B, although $5,000 cheaper than Contractor A’s estimate, is actually charging $2,000 more to perform the same amount of work.
Finally, and perhaps most importantly, unqualified and untrustworthy contractors are typically going to send lower estimates. Working with those types of contractors can often lead homeowners to require getting the job done a SECOND time, usually from a more qualified contractor at a higher price point.

3. More expensive products make a better remodel 

High quality materials can be good to have, but there is no material of high enough quality to make up for a poor design.

There are often items that appear beautiful individually, that will not blend when used with the general plan for the room.
It is important to consider lighting, flow, and color scheme, more so than it is important to buy the top of the line jetted freestanding tub. Even if you are having a friend or family member perform the project, seeking the advice of a qualified designer is never a bad idea.

4. Repairing is cheaper than replacing

We get this one often. Why replace the whole _______ if the only part of it that’s damaged is the _______?

In reality, there are many scenarios where attempting to preserve a product or area is actually MORE expensive than replacing it entirely.
We regularly have clients ask about replacing the doors and countertops on a nonstandard size vanity set, and in most situations, this would lead to a much higher cost than replacing that vanity set with a standard size. Most contractors and companies will advise you if replacing will be more cost-effective than repairing, but when in doubt, it never hurts to ask about price difference.

There are many more ways to make your bathroom stand out, but we hope this served as an excellent start!

We hope we’ve done our part to make your next remodel go smoothly
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