How Much does a kitchen remodel cost

Big purchases are big decisions. It’s very common for people to want to know pricing for large ticket items BEFORE the pressure of getting in front of a sales rep. Today, we’re going to take the weight off of your shoulders by helping you estimate a ball park price for your remodel, without being put through the sales process.

The first thing people will notice with a quick search engine inquiry is, many different platforms give many different prices. Online directories are more likely to present lower average pricing figures like $10k to $20k and remodelers local to your area are more likely to present higher average numbers like $50k or $90k.

There are many reasons that these numbers can range widely. One of those reasons are, some local kitchen remodelers may only take on “full gut kitchen remodels”, meaning everything must go, and everything must be replaced, and they gather their data based on the averages for those types of projects. Other sources will consider painting the kitchen, or replacing the countertops, while gathering data.

Its important to look at numbers of the type of remodel you would like.

To tell you where we land on this scale, we know that our average full gut kitchen remodels in the first half of 2023 were between $50k and $60k, including all materials aside from appliances, however some projects were significantly higher and some significantly lower. We are based in Northeast Ohio, which is an important factor, and we are also a high-end custom remodeler. You could also check out our kitchen remodeling calculator on our website if you’re within our service range to determine what a company like ours may charge for your project.

There are typically 4 main factors to consider when trying to determine if your remodel will be above or below a remodelers average price point, assuming you are looking at a FULL kitchen remodel

  1. How big is your kitchen?
  2. Are you going with high end or low end options?
  3. Will the house provide issues from being old, poorly maintained, or customized in a problematic manner?
  4. Will you be changing the layout?

There are some situations where the average pricing from a contractor will hardly matter if your project isn’t the average project. 

Another important factor to consider is the remodeler. It is often recommended to get 3 estimates for any major remodel. Reasons for this are, you can spot important pricing or scope outliers. If 2 contractors are priced at $60k and the 3rd is $30k, it is quite likely that you’ll be better off with one of the higher priced kitchen remodelers. Also, a less considered, yet just as important outlier, if 2 remodelers say a particular part of your project is dangerous or can’t be done, and the 3rd is saying yes to everything, it is important to understand why. It may be that the 3rd contractor is truly a miracle worker, but it is more often that a contractor that says yes to something everyone else says no to, is missing important details or expertise.

To put all of that information together, you could easily add cost or reduce cost with any project, but here are some middle of the road numbers for full gut kitchen remodels from different sources across the web,

– Adonis Kitchen and Bath



It’s important to consider that full kitchen remodels are not the only types of kitchen remodels.
  Much can be done to upgrade the look and value of your kitchen without breaking the bank.
  Paint, flooring and/or countertops can go a long way.
The average kitchen, after taking those smaller types of projects into consideration, is much less.

 For all remodels, from data sources that include companies and individuals, which may require you to do some of the work yourself,





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