7 ways to take your deck or patio remodel to the next level

Transforming your mundane outdoor space into a captivating outdoor haven doesn’t have to just be a dream. Today, we will go over 7 tips to take your deck to the next level

1. Pergola

Pergolas are an excellent way to add a luxurious look for a relatively inexpensive price point. They are great for providing a versatile shade and still allow an amount of breeze and sun that is desirable for an outside space. They are also extraordinarily customizable. They can be made from many different types of materials and provide a plethora of different looks for your outdoor space

2. Patio/Deck Combo

 Patio/deck combinations give you more options to control your deck or patio’s aesthetic and practicality. You can now create multiple individual spaces to serve multiple functions. You can set up this design with much more versatility than with one of its single components, allowing more options to create a visually stunning outdoor sanctuary. Multi level decks can also be utilized with patios when there are unique elevation challenges, potentially helping to avoid the added problems that could arise from more extensive grading or leveling.

3. Fireplace

This one speaks for itself. A fireplace is the perfect addition to a high end deck to transform the deck into the prime entertaining space. A great option to fight back against the seasonality and also a superb way to add function with an additional cooking option.

4. Custom Lighting

  Lighting is one of the best ways to create a focal point out of almost any part of a major remodel or add on. Between stair lighting, post cap lighting, under rail lighting, and landscape lighting, the options are beyond plentiful

5. Cable Railing

Cable railings provide a low maintenance, modern alternative to the typical deck railing. They create a safe perimeter around your deck with less obstruction to your favorite views. They are also surprisingly strong and durable. Be sure to check with your local building authority or contractor before selecting this option however, because certain cities may have different requirements that may limit your choices

6. Exotic Hardwood

Exotic hardwood decking provides beauty and durability for those willing to pay the price. They last longer and require much less maintenance than pressure treated wood, and they are more luxurious and attractive than composite options

7. Outdoor Kitchen

Another option that would probably do just fine without a description, outdoor kitchens. What better way to show all that a deck can be? Outdoor kitchens create an option to stay involved in the festivities while still preparing breakfast, lunch or dinner options for guests. The perfect way to meet in the middle from the monotony of cooking food for yourself indoors vs the excitement of going out to eat at a restaurant with friends. 

There are many more ways to make your bathroom stand out, but we hope this served as an excellent start!

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