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Design is about more than picking your favorite mirror.

Interior Design Tips for 2022

Is interior design an art or a science?
The answer to that question depends on whom you ask.
Beyond functionality, we believe there aren’t many universally right or wrong ways to decorate your kitchen or bathroom.
However, we do have a list of certain tips that may prove helpful.

1. First Things First, Essentials Before Color Scheme

One of life’s greatest tragedies is finding the perfect centerpiece to bring your dream project to life, then realizing it doesn’t match your flooring, paint, and accent pieces.
Unfortunately, this travesty occurs every day.
To avoid this common design disaster, start by selecting the most prominent elements of your project first.

2. What’s in Store?, Design with storage in mind

There are some things you’ll want to show off and some things you’d rather keep private, but regardless, you’ll need a place to put them.
Floating shelving, cabinetry, and custom niches are just a few options to avoid clutter catastrophes in the future.
With smaller spaces in particular, it’s important to have storage plans in mind as early in the process as possible.

3. Watch Your Tone, Choose a Cool or Warm Color Palette

With all the different material options in existence, it can be tempting to just select your favorite of each, as opposed to staying faithful to the main color palette.
Don’t let this desire blind you.
Bold monochromatics can be gorgeous, as well as other less notable yet very colorful accent pieces met with neutral compliments, but it’s important to keep the goal in mind.
How do you want your space to feel?

4. Show Me What’cha Got, Choose Items to be on Display

Take a trip with me into the future.
Picture yourself, sitting in your space, years after your project is completed.
What items do you see? Are they placed somewhere visible, in some form of open storage?
If so, how do they fit in with the rest of the room, and what plans can you create now to make them fit better?
Preparation is key to any successful project.

5. Lighten Up, Use Lighting Thoughtfully

We all know that lighting is important, but when we request details of homeowners visions for their projects, lighting has rarely been considered thoroughly.
Mirrors can be used to emphasize natural lighting. Spotlights can be used to showcase a focal point of a room, while decorative hanging lights can be focal points themselves.
Colored lighting and temperature settings can change the entire feel of a space.
Does your project have a bright future?

There are many more ways to make your bathroom stand out, but we hope this served as an excellent start!

We hope we’ve done our part to make your next remodel go smoothly
Good luck on your journey and be sure to view our other blog posts here

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