7 ways to take your bathroom remodel to the next level

Most bathroom remodels consist of the same standard replacements, but what about options for the homeowner who wants their space to stand out?
Today, we’re going to discuss the extras that can take your bathroom remodel to the next level

1. Skylights/Windows

We all know that lighting is important, but it’s hard to replicate the stunning aura of natural light. Luckily, you don’t have to.
Adding skylights or windows is a simple way to add natural beauty to any space.

2. Linear LED Lighting

Linear LED lighting is a sleek and versatile solution to bring an updated look to any space.
It can be used to create a bold focal point by illuminating a shower niche or wall panel, or it can be a more subtle yet effective option for providing more relaxed lighting above a vanity set or running along trim.

3. Feature Wall

A feature wall can aim the style of any bathroom in many different directions.
  You can utilize tile to create a glossy, reflective finish, faux concrete panels for an urban, minimalist style or wooden paneling to create a more reserved classic look. You can also mix and match paneling to create just the right amount of flavor for the desired outcome.

4. Backlit Mirrors

Backlit mirrors are another great option to add light where it’s needed most.
 They serve as a relatively inexpensive option and can also have additional added perks that standard mirrors don’t have, such as anti fog and smart mirror options

5. Steam Showers

Steam showers are one of the finest shower options money can buy.
A hybrid mix between a steam room and conventional shower is the epitome of bathroom luxury.
Some physiotherapy experts have recently begun incorporating steam into their rehabilitation practices.
They can also prove useful to temporarily relieve symptoms of certain illnesses.

6. Wall Mounted Faucets

When most people think of different sink faucet options, they think of the same common options. Center set, widespread, and vessel. However, there is another, more prestigious option. Wall mount faucets are one more way to showcase your vanity area for what it can be.

7. Heated Flooring

Some luxuries are meant to be seen, others, to be felt. Heated flooring can make those winter mornings just that much more cozy, and depending on the flooring options, sometimes at a more affordable cost than expected.

There are many more ways to make your bathroom stand out, but we hope this served as an excellent start!

We hope we’ve done our part to make your next remodel go smoothly
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