6 Questions To Ask Your Contractor

Before Starting A RemodeL

Knowledge is power, but with all the excitement surrounding remodels, it can be easy to forget to ask some of the most important questions.
Today, we will give you 6 questions to ask your contractor to help ensure you get the important pieces of information that you need BEFORE making your final remodeling decisions

1. What does your timeline look like? 

Time is valuable. It is important to know, not only when your contractor is available to start, but how long they expect a project like yours to last. It can also be valuable to ask what times of the day and days of the week they plan to be there. It’s easy to assume they’ll be there during normal work hours on normal work days, but not every contractor operates the same. It’s important to make sure you all have the same schedule in mind.

2. What advice do you have to make this project better?

We all want the best possible outcomes for our projects. We expect that most contractors would volunteer information if they can imagine a way to make your project better, but that’s not always the case. You would be surprised how many contractors avoid giving their 2 cents on projects because they don’t want to rock the boat. In cases where they aren’t particularly fond of the homeowners plans, it’s quite common. In these cases, this question could lead to ideas or solutions we’ve never even considered.

3. What advice do you have to make this project cheaper? 

The design is more important than the materials. A good photographer can capture beauty with a bad camera. A good camera can’t force a bad photographer to capture beauty. It’s worth it to review ALL the options without writing off more affordable materials due to the false impression that cheaper is worse. Who wouldn’t want a better design at a better price point?

4. Are any of the items in this scope new to you? 

Most homeowners want experts to handle their project. Every contractor has their first time doing a steam shower or installing heated flooring, but are you willing to let them try for the first time on your project? If so, that is fine, but it is important to understand precisely what you’re getting into before the project starts. The more information you have in regard to your contractor’s skill set, the less likely you will have to deal with unfortunately surprises during the process of your remodel.

5. Do you offer a warranty? 

When we select a contractor, we typically believe they will correctly perform high quality work that will last for decades to come, but what happens if they don’t? It is important to prepare for the worst just in case. Ask your contractor if they offer a warranty and, if they do, ask them what it covers and how long those items will be covered. This conversation may serve you in a tough situation in the future. 

6. What inconveniences should we prepare for? 

Large projects can include a lot of pros, as well as a lot of cons. It’s important to know what you’re getting into. Will there be a large dumpster in your driveway? Will you need to answer the door and meet with different tradespeople during the week? Will certain plumbing or electrical fixtures be inaccessible? The more you prepare during these early stages, the fewer inconveniences you’re likely to face.

We hope to items discussed today will prove helpful
Best of luck on your remodeling journey!

There are many more ways to make your bathroom stand out, but we hope this served as an excellent start!

We hope we’ve done our part to make your next remodel go smoothly
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