4 Tips to Store More in Your Small Bathroom

With every project, comes a set of challenges. Luckily, as a remodeling company, we’ve seen and faced most of these challenges before. One of the more common challenges we see is, lack of storage in smaller spaces.

In this article, we’ll take you through some common solutions.

1. Full Span Niche

Every shower needs storage. Often times, the first option to be provided is a niche (a shallow recess into the surround for storage). Most commonly, those niche are 2 ft wide or less, but with proper planning, the entire span of your shower can be utilized to allow an extended, full span niche, providing a solution that can easily triple the amount of storage in your shower.

2. Floating Shelving

Floating shelving is an excellent and affordable option to add additional storage in any room of the house. With vastly varying options for colors and styles, they can blend or pop based on your preference, and with many lengths, they can be utilized on long empty walls, or more congested spaces like corners.

3. Recessed Medicine Cabinetry

A mirror is an essential for every bathroom. Why not have additional storage behind it in the form of a recessed medicine cabinet. There is a plethora of different looks and features. There are backlit options that illuminate themselves with touch sensors and can even have antifog features. Or, you could go with more classic Victorian or colonial options. This option provides a modest, hidden option for additional storage.

4. Dry Niche

Certainly one of the most underrated options for open storage. Dry niches are the most customizable storage option of all. They can be tall, short, wide, thin, blank, or tiled. They provide an excellent opportunity to provide a pop of flair at your leisure, and they can be installed essentially wherever is preferred.

There you have it, 4 excellent options to store more in a small bathroom. We hope these options prove useful, and be sure to follow our blog for more remodeling tips and tricks.

There are many more ways to make your bathroom stand out, but we hope this served as an excellent start!

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